Postcard Project – Nairobi Train Station

Nairobi Train Station Postcard

Everyone who knows me knows that I spend a lot of time in theme parks with Bill from Touring Central Florida. Living in central Florida there are a lot of them and I’ve been to all the major ones. I live closest to Busch Gardens in Tampa so it’s no wonder I go there most of all.

I’m always looking for something new to shoot, some different way to capture the park that I have not done before. In that spirit I decided to try a little project to take an old photo from a 60s and 70s era postcard and merge it with a present day photo I’ve taken to show how things have changed over the years. It’s a project that doesn’t have a deadline or timetable at the moment so it’ll be done as I acquire the postcards and take the photos I need to make them.

Present day

Making these types of photos takes quite a bit of work both in getting the materials needed to make them and on the editing side as well. Sometimes the hardest part is just waiting for the right conditions to get the photos in the first place. I try to look for days that are sunny, with bright blue skies and a few puffy clouds to give depth to the background. For this shot I also took several shots as Falcon’s Fury approached the top of the tower so it was at the best possible spot for the final photo.

Nairobi Train Station Today

The postcard

I knew I was going to be using the postcard for the foreground so I was less worried about people being in the shot or anything like that, it would all be covered up in the end. Initially the trees on the right concerned me but I would figure out how to deal with those later. The absolute biggest challenge was going to be the two large poles in the middle of my shot. More on that later.

Nairobi Train Station Postcard

The composite

First thing I had to do was to line up the shots. I did this by hand because there was not enough data for Photoshop to work with. Lining up the rooftop of the station building let the photo fall into place.

Taking the sky out of the postcard was fairly easy by using the pen tool to select the sky. I put the train in front of the trees on the right so replace the palm trees in the postcard. This ended up working out well and wasn’t as time consuming as I was originally thinking. The hardest part ended up being the poles in the present day photo. Taking them out in Photoshop was easy using the clone tool. The hard part came trying to blend the trees, since there aren’t other similar trees to work with. It took me a while layering in different pieces but I managed to get a rather natural look. Upon close inspection you would notice but since it was going online and not printed it wasn’t an issue.Nairobi Train Station Postcard Composite

Before and after

Nairobi Train Station PostcardNairobi Train Station Postcard Composite
Nairobi Train Station TodayNairobi Train Station Postcard Composite

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