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Pillowcase Project Handouts

This year I started volunteering my time with the Central Florida chapter of the American Red Cross. It gives me the opportunity to get out in the community and give back to a great cause using my photography skills. One of the opportunities I had recently was photographing a Pillowcase Project event at Chester Taylor Elementary.

If you haven’t heard of the Pillowcase Project before, it’s an emergency preparedness course geared toward children. The program is sponsored by Disney, who provides a lot of the materials and it’s presented to schools, scout troops, youth groups and other organizations by the American Red Cross.

Learning valuable lessons

The program I was part of taught around 100 fourth grade students lessons in preparing an emergency supply kit, creating a home evacuation plan and knowing what types of emergencies are common to Central Florida. During the presentation the kids were very involved with answering questions and asking their own.

The children were given handouts they could take home to help them build their own emergency kit and help their families create an evacuation plan.

Getting out when you have to

A few of the kids even got to participate in a little race, teaching them how to get out of a burning home quickly while staying low to avoid smoke.

Coloring their pillowcases

The last segment of the program had the students all add their own designs to a pillowcase, showing the items they’d put into their emergency kit. The kids can then take the kit home and put items in it they would take with them in an emergency.

Before leaving, we got a group shot with a few of the children showing off their pillowcases. To learn more about the program visit the Pillowcase Project on

Pillowcase Project Pillowcases

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