Real Estate and Architecture

As an architecture photographer my job is to show your business or real estate location in the best possible light. Whether you are a realtor or individual selling your own home, having professionally photographed images can make all the difference. The same holds true if you have a business and are looking to present your location to prospective customers through your website or social media. Your audience will decide whether they like what they see within just a few seconds – make sure they only see the best. has a great article on why you want to hire a professional photographer and the difference it can make to your real estate listing. A small investment in professional photography now can mean more interested clients, a quicker sale, and even a higher sale price.

See a sampling of images I have taken of real estate and architecture below. You can also check out the Clients page to see past clients and where my work has been featured.


One thing that makes me different is the way I handle my pricing. I consider myself a low risk photographer in that I offer to sell photos on a per image basis. You don’t have to worry that you’re investing a considerable sum on an hourly rate only to find out in the end you just want a handful of photographs. My prices are also all inclusive (with the exception of any travel or production costs such as equipment rentals, models, etc.) so you always know what you’re getting – and more importantly – what you’re spending. This not only helps you stay within your budget but it also allows you to hand select the photos you want and skip the ones you don’t.

I also offer hourly, half day and full day rates where appropriate.

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